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Here's nothing in particular about me; I'm just filling up some space as I work on putting my website back together. You see, it all started when this goofy guy (not the regular goofy guy, aka "my husband," but this other goofy guy, one that I've never even met) went to delete his "wildscript" site. well, goofy guy there, he used a "wildcard" (ha ha, no pun intended) with a command that would recursively delete all directories starting with the string "wild" -- yup! got my wildheart.org site in the process. one day, when i went to check on something, it was just gone. and of course, when i noticed it and notified my friend (not the goofy guy) who is kind enough to let me host this site here for free, he discovered that the backup tape had not been changed out so the last backup made didn't even include my site anymore.

A sign, perhaps?

So, here I am, slowly but surely putting my site back together.

~ updated 21 dec 2006 ~